Savannah Skin Pathology is dedicating to providing the same excellent care that you provide your patients. Our goal is to deliver accurate and personalized dermatopathology reports in the shortest possible turnaround time, while making the process of submission and report access as efficient as possible for your practice.

We offer

  • Daily courier services, including specimen pick-up and supply stocking.
  • Competitive turnaround time without sacrificing diagnostic accuracy
  • On-site immuniperoxidase stains
    1. Pancytokeratin (AE1/AE3)
    2. High Molecular Weight Cytokeratin (34BE12)
    3. Cytokeratin 19
    4. Cytokeratin 20
    5. Melan-A
    6. S-100
    7. HMB45
    8. CD3
    9. CD15
    10. CD20
    11. CD30
    12. CD45 (Leukocyte Common Antigen)
    13. Smooth Muscle Actin
    14. Desmin
  • On-site special staining
    1. Periodic acid-Schiff (PAS)
    2. Periodic acid-Schiff with Diastase (PASD)
    3. Periodic acid-Schiff – Alcian Blue (PAS – Alcian Blue)
    4. Acid-Fast Bacilli (AFB)
    5. Xylene Peanut Oil (Fites Method)
    6. Elastin
    7. Prussian Blue (for hemosiderin pigment detection)
    8. Schmorl’s Method (for melanin pigment)
    9. Smith and Atkinson’s Method (for mast cell detection)
    10. Spirochetal Stain
    11. Gomori’s One-step Trichrome for Connective Tissue (Aniline Blue)
  • On-site frozen section processing, including fresh specimen pickup and rapid reporting
  • Accommodation of special requests for RUSH processing and special staining to the absolute best of our ability.