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Scar Removal


Types of scars
Scars come in all different shapes and sizes. Some scars are due to acne problems or disease, injury and surgery. Scars form as a result of the body trying to heal itself. The good news is that no matter how you got a scar you can now significantly fade its appearance through scar removal treatments.

Scar removal treatment
The first step in removing a scar is to contact a qualified dermatologist who can help you decide which scar removal treatment is right for you. Some scars may not be removed completely but can have siginificant improvement in their appearance. Some of the treatments available are microdermabrasion, fat injections, chemical peels and collagen injections.

For severe scarring, your dermatologist may refer you to a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Laser scar removal
Laser scar removal is also another excellent option for minimizing the appearance of scars caused by acne, surgery or other factors. The high-energy light emitted from the laser is used to remove or remodel damaged skin. This treatment is an in office procedure so patients can usually return to work or regular activity within one week.
Depending on the skin defect requiring improvement a pulsed dye laser, for example, uses yellow light to remove scar redness and to flatten raised scars (hypertrophic scars or keloids). This laser treatment can also help reduce itching and burning sensations associated with the scar.

Acne scars or other indented (atrophic) scars can be improved with laser skin resurfacing. Hypertrophic (thick, raised) scars or keloids respond well to two or more pulsed dye laser treatments every two months. Your dermatologist will consult with you over the different lasers treatments available.

Do laser treatments hurt?

Some patients have reported a slight stinging sensation during laser treatments.  Most laser treatments cause only slight discomfort. The skin may stay pink for several weeks or months and the area treated may feel sore after treatment. Most patients are able to relieve this discomfort with an over the counter pain reliever as recommended by your dermatologist.

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