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Mole removal

Moles, or beauty marks, are dark spots or irregularities found in the skin. Moles can appear anywhere on the skin and come in various shapes and sizes. Some moles go unnoticed or are actually considered attractive while other people consider them bothersome. Some moles can lead to dangerous health risks in the case of pre-cancer or cancerous spots.

Should I remove my mole?

For most people, this is a personal, cosmetic issue that may involve:

  • Removing protruding mole that gets in the way of shaving
  • Skin irritation that can occur when certain moles rub against clothing or jewelry
  • Desire to have smoother, clearer skin
  • Enhancing appearance and improving self-esteem

For others it may involve serious health issues such as a diagnosis of a pre-cancerous or cancerous mole.

How are moles removed?

Right before the mole is removed, the area is cleansed. A local anesthetic is then applied to numb the area to be shaved or cut. Depending on the technique and type of mole to be removed, stitches may be used. Mole removal typically takes less than an hour to perform.

Some dermatologists use laser treatments to remove a mole. While scarring is not an issue for this technique, it is not a method used for treating deep moles because the laser does not penetrate deeply enough.  Your dermatologist will consult with you as to which method will work best to meet your needs.

Are there any risks?

Although it is rare, infection can occur. The risks associated with mole removal also depend upon the technique used. A common condition that can occur after mole removal is scarring. Most scars that do appear slowly fade over time, but some can be permanent. Scars can be eliminated through skin resurfacing or other scar revision procedures. People with this concern should consider laser removal of their mole, as that procedure is less likely to cause a scar to form.

Is mole removal painful?

The amount of discomfort varies on the method used. Any discomfort felt can be relieved with prescribed pain medication. A scab will develop and heal within a week or two. Also any redness that occurs will disappear within two to four weeks.

What are the typical costs associated with mole removal?

The costs for mole removal will depend on the method used. Most medical insurance providers do not cover cosmetic surgery procedures but may cover the cost due to a pre-cancer or cancerous mole. Check with your medical insurance provider for more information. Also, many dermatologists do offer multiple financing options for cosmetic procedures.

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