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What is the best treatment for my acne?

There are a variety of acne treatments available today.
Depending on the type of acne that you have, where it is located on your body, and how severe the acne is, the recommended treatment for quick relief may vary. Some of the options available to treat acne are topical treatments (i.e. - retinoids, topical antibiotic solutions and creams), oral medications (i.e. - antibiotics, oral contraceptive pills, some types of diuretics, isotretinoin), laser therapy or light therapy.

How do acne treatments work?

Acne treatments involve reducing the production of oil, bacteria and inflammation, thereby, targeting the source causes of acne. Once the cause(s) of the acne is determined, treatment options will be discussed, allowing you to decide which treatment options you would be interested in trying. Dr. Holland always discusses the reasonable expectations of each treatment regimen with her patients, so that you may understand what to expect during and after the acne treatment.

Will acne treatments cure acne?

For most people, acne may be successfully treated upon successful completion of one of the acne treatment regimens. For a small percentage of people, acne may remain a stubborn problem that shows resistance to treatment or frequently recurs. In these instances, treatment may include more than one option and it will take longer to see the desired results. Acne treatments work case by case, as every person's body reacts uniquely to different types of acne treatments.

Do topical treatments cure acne?

Topical treatments are lotions made to treat acne by killing the source bacteria that causes acne. Some of these lotions contain beta hydroxy acid to help dry up the skin. These lotions cause the dead skin cells to fall or flake off. For a mild case of acne, over-the-counter medicated lotions are usually sufficient to eliminate acne.  For people with more resistant acne, prescription medicated lotion(s), in conjuction with oral medication(s), are usually necessary. 

Can antibiotics relieve my acne?

Yes. A dermatologist may prescribe antibiotics to treat moderate to severe acne problems. Antibiotics work by reducing the the number of acne-causing bacteria, and thereby inflammation, on the skin. This type of treatment takes at least one month (more likely two to three months) to work, and it is often used in conjunction with a form of topical treatment as well.

Helpful Tips on Skin Maintenace

It is of utmost importance to wash your face and other affected areas at least twice daily, and it is strongly recommended to include some type of exfoliation process as an integral part of your routine skin regimen (i.e. - manual or over-the-counter automatic exfoliators). Exfoliation helps to eliminate the dead surface skin cells, so that fresh new skin underneath is constantly exposed. This, in turn, helps to uncover your optimal skin tone and complexion. All moisturizers, creams, and make-up that are put directly on the skin should be "non-comedogenic," or non pore clogging. Cleansers and washes should be mild in nature and, ideally, should contain benzoyl peroxide as an ingredient.

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